Rubber crumb safety surfacing

Nationwide driveways are professional rubber safety surface installers, our rubber crumb safety flooring can commonly be found in children’s play areas, school playgrounds, parks and nurseries throughout the United Kingdom.

The wearing course (top layer) is commonly made up of 1mm - 4mm EPDM rubber crumb that is mixed with a polyurethane resin and installed on site. This wearing course EPDM is what determines the colour and pattern design of the surface, wet pour safety surfacing EPDM granules are available in a wide range of colours including black, red, blue, green, orange, purple and teal among other colours. The colour of the rubber crumb safety surfacing along with depth and size of the project area to be covered ultimately determines the project price. However we are confident that we can supply a wet pour rubber crumb safety surface to fit your budget. To find out more information on our wetpour rubberised safety surfacing or to receive a free no obligation quotation please contact us, our details can be found on our Contact page.

 Wet pour Safety Surfaces

Wet pour safety surfacing is available to a wide range of people and organisations. We cater for a number of domestic and commercial customers. Establishments that might consider installing a wetpour rubber surface include:

  1. Pubs – Installed insitu resin bound rubber flooring to prevent surfacing damage
  2. Golf Club - Rubberised Pathways, epdm rubber granule walkways
  3. Parks - Wet pour safety surfaces for children meeting BSEN 1177 accreditations
  4. Playgrounds/Play areas - Impact absorbing soft rubber flooring to keep children safe
  5. Nurseries - Safer surfacing for preschool children with NBS Q26 360 Specification
  6. Schools - Wetpour areas for play areas with climbing equipment
  7. Residential & Care Homes - Protective rubber flooring for shock absorbency

However wet pour surfacing is not just limited to these places, people may choose to have their garden or patio area decorated in the rubberized surface in a variety of different colours. As well as the colours mentioned previously there are a number of natural colours available including brown, green, yellow and beige. Project areas need not to be limited to one particular colour you can choose to install multiple colours and give your project area a unique design. Our in house design team will be pleased to work with you in designing your rubber surfacing design.

The industries term for this product is wet pour rubber crumb surfacing. Wetpour surfacing is often known as a variety of different names including bouncy safety surface. You may know wet pour as rubber tarmac surfacing, a spongy rubber surface, soft pour, soft play surfacing or rubber crumb flooring.

Our wet pour safety surface is created using a two tier system including the base course (bottom layer) or shock pad layer which is made up of 2-6mm SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) rubber granules mixed with a polyurethane resin and installed on site. This is the layer that usually varies in depth to meet the Critical Fall Height (CFH) or Free Fall Height (FFH) which is governed by the height of any play equipment on the site and is usually specified by the play equipment’s manufacturer. Rubber crumb safety surfacing installers, install soft bouncy rubberised flooring, specialist paving installer, driveway contractor, landscaper, block paver, nationwide driveways, in, North Wales – Cheshire – Wirral – Shropshire – North – West – South – East – Conwy – Wrexham – Norfolk – Suffolk – Derby – Swansea – Newport – Cardiff – Powys – Gwynedd – Stoke – Warrington – Scotland – England – Denbighshire – Anglesey – Bangor – Chester – Birmingham – Liverpool – Manchester – Merseyside – Shrewsbury – Leeds – Bradford – Lancashire – Buckinghamshire – Yorkshire – Cumbria – Humberside – London – Midlands – Bristol – Bath – Dorset – Gloucester – Wiltshire – Essex – Kent – Sussex – Hertfordshire – Devon – Cornwall – Somerset