Resin bound aggregate

Nationwide driveways are professional resin bound aggregate surface installers, our resin bound gravel surfaces can commonly be found on drive, patio area, footpath, walkway, bridge, steps, car park, road, shopping malls and tree pits throughout the United Kingdom.

Resin bound surfacing is made up of small pieces of natural aggregate (gravel) the gravel is mixed with a clear resin to bind the stones together. The mixture is mixed and installed on site. Resin makes for an extremely hard wearing material while the natural stone gives a beautiful natural gravel appearance without the problems inherited with a loose gravel surface. Our resin bound aggregate surface is quiet, will not rut or move, is UV resistant, very low maintenance, permeable and will not migrate like loose gravel.

We can offer a large range of natural stone products in varying colours and sizes, we can create just about any design for your resin bound gravel surface and our in-house design team will be pleased to discuss your thoughts and bring your design ideas to life, patterns, pictures and text can be incorporated in your design.

Our natural gravel is sourced from different parts of the world in order to offer our customers our wide variety of colours including black, red, blue, green, gold, silver, grey and brown amongst others. The colour and design of the resin bound aggregate surfacing along with depth and the size of the project area to be covered will ultimately determine the project price, however we are confident that we can supply resin bound aggregate to suit your budget. For more information on our resin bound surfacing or to receive a free no obligation quotation please contact us, our details can be found on our Contact page.

Resin bound aggregate surfacing is available to a wide range of people and organisations. We cater for a number of domestic and commercial customers. Establishments that might consider installing a resin bound aggregate surface include:

  1. Restaurant
  2. Pub
  3. Golf Club
  4. Park
  5. Playground/play area
  6. Nursery
  7. School
  8. Nursing home/care home
  9. Office

However, resin bound gravel surfacing is not limited to these places, people may choose to have their driveway, garden or patio area decorated with a beautiful natural gravel surface. Project areas need not to be limited to one particular colour you can choose to install multiple colours and give your project area a unique patterned design or mix multiple colours to create a unique flecked colour. Our in house design team will be pleased to work with you in creating your resin bound aggregate surface design.

 The industries term for this product is resin bound aggregate surfacing, this product is often known as a variety of different names including resin bound surface, clear tarmac surfacing, a fixed gravel surface, decorative gravel, bound gravel surfacing or glued gravel flooring.  Resin bound aggregate installers, install fixed gravel flooring, specialist paving installer, driveway contractor, landscaper, block paver, nationwide driveways, in, North Wales – Cheshire – Wirral – Shropshire – North – West – South – East – Conwy – Wrexham – Norfolk – Suffolk – Derby – Swansea – Newport – Cardiff – Powys – Gwynedd – Stoke – Warrington – Scotland – England – Denbighshire – Anglesey – Bangor – Chester – Birmingham – Liverpool – Manchester – Merseyside – Shrewsbury – Leeds – Bradford – Lancashire – Buckinghamshire – Yorkshire – Cumbria – Humberside – London – Midlands – Bristol – Bath – Dorset – Gloucester – Wiltshire – Essex – Kent – Sussex – Hertfordshire – Devon – Cornwall – Somerset